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Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The course headings are abbreviated and include a two‑ to four‑letter department code, course number (including alpha suffix, if applicable), title, level, credits, description, repeatability, major restrictions, grade option, prerequisites, co‑requisites, frequency, cross‑listings, and core designation.

Some test cases are simple enough all they need is a test case title, but most of the time more detail is needed. The description should include Unique prerequisites and assumptions for this test: Prerequisites and assumptions are important artifacts of a test case.

Variable credit courses are designated “ (V).” Some classes break down the time spent in lecture and laboratory. (2 Lec, 1 3‑hr Lab) Description includes class size/format (lecture, discussion, seminar, lab, workshop, studio) and major subjects covered. Other features may include learning experiences (term papers, guest lecturers).

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